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Question: What is one type of information that can be gathered by archeologists who are studying dental car…

What is one type of information that can be gathered by
archeologists who are studying dental caries (cavities) of ancient

The types of tools used for planting/harvesting grains
How many children the person had
How many conflicts they have been part of
The time of year the person died

The type of plants they may have been consuming


What is the difference between genetically-modified and
transgenic crops?

Transgenic crops are a type of genetically-modified crops, in
which scientists have inserted genes from another species.

Transgenic crops are illegal, while genetically-modified crops
are not.
Genetically-modified crops are produced using modern
techniques, while transgenic crops are produced through classical
They are the same.

Genetically-modified crops are a type of transgenic crop
specifically bred for high yield.


Vavilov hypothesized that in a crop plant’s area of origin we
should expect:

Lower genetic diversity than in areas outside of the plant’s
area of origin.
Greater genetic diversity than in areas outside of the plant’s
area of origin.
Greater diversity for trans-domesticated species, but lower
diversity for species domesticated in their area of origin.
Greater herbivore damage because of increased genetic

Lower diversity for trans-domesticated species, but greater
diversity for species domesticated in their area of origin.


In what way did Harlan’s theory give rise to Diamond’s

It recognized that agricultural societies were healthier and
better fed than hunter-gatherer societies.

It recognized agriculture might have developed by different
mechanisms in different parts of the world.

It is a basic case of scientific plagiarism – Diamonds theory
is identical to Harlans theory.

It recognized the reason agriculture did not develop in certain
parts of the world was because people lacked the intelligence or

Both make the assumption that hunter-gatherers were (and still
are) superior to agriculturists.


What is the difference between classically bred varieties and

Landraces are grown in dry conditions; classically bred crops
are wetland species
Landraces cannot be harvested using domesticated animals;
classically bred crops can be harvested using domesticated

Landraces are often (though not always) developed by
unintentional processes; classically bred crops are developed by
intentionally breeding for desired traits using modern

Landraces are not edible by humans; classical bred crops can be

Landraces have no means of seed dispersal; classically bred
crops can readily disperse their seeds


The inability of plants to move makes it difficult for them

Defend themselves.
Disperse seeds.
Create oxygen.

Disperse seeds, defend themselves, and create oxygen.

Disperse seeds and defend themselves.


Norman Borlaug won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for:

Producing the first transgenic plant.
His discovery that plant secondary metabolites play a role in
defending plants from insects and diseases.
His work to create improved, high yield crop varieties that
helped to prevent starvation.
Creating the FlavrSavr tomato.

His discovery of the area of origin for maize.


If a plant can grow well all by itself in the wild, yet still
retains desirable agronomic traits, the plant is


In discussing the origin of agriculture, the term
demographic stress refers to:

A higher incidence of religious practice in societies following
the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture.
Lower productivity of un-cultivated plants due to
late-Pleistocene cooling.
Hobbes’s assertion that hunter-gatherer groups did not posses
the knowledge or skills to develop agriculture.

The situation where human populations are greater than the
carrying capacity of the environment.

That the stresses on pre-domesticated plant species led to the
development of traits that result in the “domestication


The repeated domestication of grasses (i.e., cereals)
and legumes across the globe is likely because:

Human populations were often starving, and needed an additional
food source

Only grasses, not legumes, were repeatedly domesticated
Both contain almost all of the amino acids our bodies need to
build proteins.
Early technologies allowed early agriculturalists the ability
to communicate with each other over long distances to discuss what
plants were best for domestication.

Both already possessed all of the traits needed for


Which of the following best demonstrates evolution?

A houseplant is moved to a sunnier location and it starts to
grow more vigorously.
Your pet walks to the door when it hears your car in the
A giraffe with a longer neck survives a drought year, while one
with a shorter neck does not.
Over time, a gene for disease resistance becomes more frequent
in a population of plants.

A crop has a higher yield after fertilizer is added.


Which of the following types of agriculture can be practiced in
an urban setting?

Community gardens
Alternative farms (crickets, caterpillars, other
All of these types of agriculture can be practiced in an urban
Vertical farms

CSA farms


______________________ compounds are produced by plants, but are
not necessary for the plant’s immediate survival. However, they
often help protect plants from being eaten.


Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower are all
different varieties of the same species, Brassica
. This group of plants demonstrates that crop breeding
can lead to:

High within variety and low between variety diversity
Low within variety and high between variety diversity
Low within variety diversity
High between variety diversity
High within variety and high between variety diversity

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