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Healthy eating is the most important factor in maintaining health. It is considered as most important means of promoting health. Healthy eating is an overall sense of well being and also helps in preventing many chronic diseases. Healthy and unhealthy eating are both influenced by variety of factors.

The application allows users to specify their dietary requirements, based on which the application makes suggestions as to how much exercise the user needs to do that day. It also suggests healthy meals to the user based on their dietary plan.

It is very important that we follow a good nutritious diet for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy Foods are made up of six classes of nutrients. These nutrients are macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats), micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and water. If you neglect to have the right combination of these six items, it will be very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle.


Rapid developments have encouraged using smartphones in health promotion research. Although many applications which are related to diet and health are available from major smartphone platforms. The few have been tested in research studies in order to determine the apps effectiveness in promoting health.

Healthy eating helps us to maintain a healthy weight and also avoid certain health problems. Diet can have profound effect on sense of wellbeing. Studies have shown that eating Western diet with processed meats, packaged meals, takeout food, and sugary snacks will result in high rate of stress, depression, and anxiety. Eating an unhealthy diet may cause mental health disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and increased risk of suicide in young people.

Eating vegetables and fruits, cooking meals at home, reducing intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates may help to improve health and lower your risk for mental health problems.


Name:              RUCHITA BHAGAT
Roles:               Project Manager
Description:  Ruchita will be responsible for leading the project and managing contact and feedback from stakeholders.  The project manager will be checking to make sure tasks are completed by time. The manager will also be in charger of making sure the different area of the project are communicating with each other.
Name:              STACY LLOYD
Roles:               Graphical User Interface Design
Description:    Stacy will be responsible for designing the graphical user interfaces for the application and the graphical assets for the interface for the application for all platforms. They will be expected to update there designs from testing feedback and giving the new designs to the application development.  They are also expected to help with testing when there is no graphical work is required.
Name:              MANASA KOMPELLI
Roles:               Application Development
Description:    Manasa will be responsible for developing the application, implementing the graphical user interface with the graphical assets. They will be expected to implement the logical code and fixing software bugs. If no work for the application is currently needed they are expected to help with the service/ database development or testing the application.
Name:              TYRONE BRAMWELL
Roles:               Service/ Database Development
Description:    Tyrone will be responsible for designing and developing the sever side software and the database required for the proposed system. They will also be expected to look at hosting solutions for storing the database and running the server software.  They will be expected to fix software bugs and help with the application development and testing.
Name:              JOHN SMITH
Roles:               Testing/ Quality assurance
Description:    John will be responsible for designing test suits for the application and service/ database, creating automated testing for both part of the software. They will be expected to find bugs and problems with the software and verifying the solution meets the specification. They will also be expected to investigate bugs and ways to replicate them so they can be tested for on the next build.



The scope of the project is to build and design a cross platform application which links to services. The application helps the people to live healthy life and it also helps the people to keep the fat off and stay toned. It is the healthy meal planner combined with quick workout routines. The application allows users to specify their own dietary requirements so that application makes suggestions on healthy meals and also how much exercise the user needs to do that particular day.

Healthy Eating Companion App is like coach in your pocket, always ready to help. The App analyses your food diary, calculates your targets and guides you with personalized advice and diet tips.

The users will start using the application by selecting an appropriate plan in the application or by designing their own. The application estimates the intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins based on users input, and suggest meals based on their daily allowance estimated from their dietary plan.  The app provides the users with optional information about the activity required to burn the calories consumed per meal in various forms (walking, cycling, swimming, cardio, etc.). The goal of application is to lose weight, get fit and gain weight with sustainable happy and healthier lifestyle


Healthy Eating Companion App is an application which helps people to follow their dietary plan and stay on track towards their goal. Its helps to follow meal plans and workouts created by experts trainers. It helps how to gain or lose weight with healthy diets and workout routines.

It is a personalized step-by-step guide accommodating everyone,from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, providing

  • Workout plans to challenge you and make you progress.
  • Customized healthy meals and diet plans
  • Foods to eat and foods to avoid
  • Healthy recipes

Healthy eating companion app improves your nutrition and provides you with the healthy eating tools you need to reach your health and weight goals by

  • Organizing your week with a healthy meal plan
  • Providing you with over 300 healthy recipes customized to your personal tastes.
  • Keeping track of users daily calorie burn.
  • Accommodating dietary preferences vegetarian,vegan,pescatarian diets.


Req Code Details
R01 Build a companion app
R02 Store users diet requirements
R03 Provide an exercise plan to users
R04 Meal plans based on diet requirements
R05 Exercise plans based on food intake
R06 Suggest health meal plans and alternatives
R07 Allow user to input honest intake
R08 Allow users to design own meal plans
R09 Provide optional information on exercises
R10 Show alternative Exercise
R11 Show calories burned by exercise
R12 Estimate Fats, carbohydrates and proteins from user input


Spec Code Req Code Details
S01 R01 Use C# with .Mono to create a cross platform app for windows, Windows Mobile, android, iOS, mac OSX and linux
S02 R02



Use MySQL for the database technology as its one of the recommend database technologies to uses with mono (External Database). SQLite for storing information if using an internal database (Internal Database). Could use CSV and other data files for storing data
S03 R02



Design a database to store information
S04 R02



Create a database to store user information
S05 R02 Design a GUI to input and edit diet requirements
S06 R02 Create a GUI to input and edit diet requirements
S07 R02 Create code to store diet requirements input and allow editing them into database
S08 R03 Store possible exercise plans in database
S09 R03 Design a GUI to view possible exercise plans
S10 R03 Code GUI and code retrieving exercise plans
S11 R04 Store possible meal plans in database
S12 R04 Design a GUI to view possible meal plans
S13 R04 Code GUI and code retrieving meal plans
S14 R05 Code recommending exercise plans from food intake
S15 R05 Design and Code GUI for recommending exercise plan
S16 R06 Code recommending healthier meal plans and alternative meal plans
S17 R07 Create and design a GUI for inputting users honest intake
S18 R07 Store and retrieve user honest intake from database.
S19 R08 Create and Code GUI for allowing user to input own meal plan
S20 R08 Store and retrieve user meal plans from database.
S21 R09 Store optional information on exercises
S22 R09 Design and create a GUI for viewing optional exercises information.
S23 R10 Create and design a GUI showing alternative exercises.
S24 R10 Store alternative exercises in database
S25 R11 Display user information on how many calories an exercise burns
S26 R12 Write code which works out from the user honest inputs and Estimate Fats, carbohydrates and proteins
S27 R12 Store Estimate Fats, carbohydrates and proteins in a database


7.1 Timeline

                         1 PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                      1.1 PLANNING
                    1.1.1 PROJECT OBJEVTIVE
                    1.1.2 PROJECT MOTIVATION
                    1.1.3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT
                      1.2 ANALIZING PROJECT
                    1.2.1 PROJECT SCHEDULE
                    1.2.2 REQUIRED DOCUMENTS
                      1.3 TIME MANAGEMENT
                     1.3.1 TIME SCALE
                      1.4 PERFORM QUALITY ATTRIBUTES
                    1.4.1 MEETING SCHEDULE
                    1.4.2 MEETING AGENDAS
                       1.5 TECHNICAL COMMITTEE
                       1.6 STEERING COMMITTEE
                          2 DESIGN
                       2.1 PREPARING DESIGN
                    2.1.1 DESIGN DOCUMENT
                    2.1.2 DESIGN OVERVIEW
                       2.2 PREPARING DESIGN SPECIFICATION
                     2.2.1 DESIGN INTERFACE
                     2.2.2 DESIGN FOR SCREEN
                       2.3 REVIEW DESIGN
                       2.4 TECHNICAL DESIGN
                     2.4.1 INTERFACES
                          3 DEVELOPMENT
                        3.1 DEVELOPING SOFTWARE
                        3.2 BACKEND SOFTWARE
                     3.2.1 DATABASE IMPLEMENTATION
                     3.2.2 MIDDLEWARE DEVELOPMENT
                     3.2.3 GRAPHICS AND INTERFACE
                     3.2.4 CONTENT CREATION
                        3.3 PROCURING SOFTWARE PACKAGES
                         4 TESTING
                       4.1 INTEGRATION TESTING
                       4.2 DEVELOPING TESTS REPORT
                       4.3 ACCEPTANCE TESTING
                        5 MAINTENANCE
                      5.1 HARDWARE MAINTENANCE
                      5.2 SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE


8.1 legal issues

Copy right

The images for developing healthy eating companion app should be copyright free to use in designing. Copyright arises automatically and is owned by the author of a work. Source code is classified as a literary work and attracts copyright protection immediately upon creation, although protection also extends to images and animations

Trade marks

Developers look to the future to establish themselves in a highly competitive market and                      setting themselves apart. Trade marks are not necessarily complex and gained a reputation for dealing with matters quickly and efficiently ensuring costs do not escalate unnecessarily.

Data protection issues

Many apps not only run on mobile devices and also access to other data, such as details of the user’s social media account stored on the device. The users profile data in the application should not be shared with other people. It must also not be kept for any longer than necessary.

Unauthorised access

The data or information is used by another Unauthorized access and disclosure of health information can result in insurance and employment discrimination, as well as embarrassment and other dignitary harms

Legal Uncertainity

The information regarding users profile regarding his diet plans in application deleted ,edited or modified  led to a law making it a criminal offence to do certain things.

8.2 Ethical issues

Honesty and Integrity

This means we need to work honestly which applies to methods ,data and results. we should always keep to any agreements and act sincerely when working with others.


we should aim to avoid prejudice against one person or group in any aspect of project which include data analysis,design, interpretation, and review. And also you need to disclose any financial or personal interests that may affect project.


Care should be taken in carrying out project to avoid mistakes. The work should be reviewed properly to ensure results are credible. It is also very important to keep full records of project regarding users profile.


Respect should be given to anything that has been provided in confidence. You should also follow guidelines on protection of sensitive information such as users profiles in the application.


Aware of laws and regulations that govern your work, and be sure that you conform to them.

8.3 Social Issues


Personal health records and applications record sensitive personal information of the users across a variety of devices, including mobile devices. Ensuring both robust security and ease of use is a challenge for the designers of personal health applications.


This project is to create food intake app which can recommend exercise plans from the users honest input. The application is developed with C# with .Mono to create a cross platform app for windows, Windows Mobile, android, iOS, mac OSX and linux.


L – Likelihood, S – Severity, D – Detectablescore: 1 – 10

Risk Details L S D Total Score Mitigation
Data Loss Code, Database or other work done could be lost during development stages or afterwards 4 8 3 96 Keep multiple backups of data storing them in different location. Version controlling the data reduces the chances of data being corrupted and overwriting the file in the back ups.
Lack of communication with stakeholders A lack of communication with stakeholders could lead to the project being built which is not what the stakeholders wanted. 3 6 4 72 Making regular meetings with stakeholders and show deliverables and documentation would help get feedback and make sure everyone has the same idea of the project.
Illness Staff could become ill which could delay the project or require new staff brought to the project and trained increasing the costs. 4 7 5 140 Staff becoming ill should not work so they don’t spread the illness. If long term then a temporary replacement will need to be found
Hardware Failure Computer hardware could be broken or break causing repair costs and time. Could cause data failures 3 8 2 48 Hardware like computers and servers might break. Replacement hardware should be kept and funding to buy replacement hardware should be kept.
Legal Issues Parts of the project may come into legal issues over copyright materials and data protection 3 8 5 120 Make sure all material used we have rights to uses or own the copyright. Make sure we follow laws to best of our ability.
Data being stolen Data stored in the database may be personal to people and could cause harm if stolen 4 8 8 256 Make sure we use best practises. Keep software up to date and encrypt all identifiable and private data.
Hosting Services going down The database and the server side software is going to be stored on a hosting server if it goes down then the app wouldn’t work. 3 7 2 42 Use a hosting services with a low down time and keep a copy of all data so it be easy to move to a different hosting services
Staff leaving Staff leaving would cause staff shortages and they may take the knowledge base they have with them. 4 6 1 24 A replacement would need to found and training provided. All staff should document everything they do so new staff and old staff know how software works.


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