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Malaysia is a language of Bahasa Melayu country. And the Malay is an Austronesian language spoken in Malaysia. The total number of speakers of Standard Malay is about 18 million. There are also have 170 million people speak Indonesian which is from the Malay. In the Malaysia have four community that is Malay, Cina, Indian, and the Asing. Although in the Malaysia have the difference community but all the community also is know the Malaysia language that is Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Melayu is the main language in Malaysia but that is harder use in the national world. In this year, I get the news from the government is going to change the language from English to the Bahasa Melayu to teaching science and mathematics. That is a bad news for the still in study student. The most of important language in the world is the English. Englsih can use in any city or state, because English is the internationalization language in the world. The English language is generally considered as an international language in the lingua franca of the global community and it is a language speak and written by many people around the world. It is really considered as one of the most important language for us or all the people in the world. Englsih is an official language in the 52 countries. It is the most of useful language to learn for international travel.

2. In the May 2003, the Ministry Education of the Malaysia implanted the teaching of science and mathematics in English. Since the English language is an integral role in the teaching or the pedagogical. At the same time, I previous the statement concern with the global status of the English language. In the implementing this program, student must able to prepare themselves to an international level. Because this can be able to representing of the science and mathematics concept. Student also can discuss matter with other student more easily in use English language. Knowledge is not belong to any one country. It is treasure which is shared by everybody on the earth. This can be provides more importance of importance teaching science and mathematics in the English. Most of the website also conform explanted style of supply the message regarding the scientific and mathematical matter are create with the English language as the main medium of communication. On the logically, considered all the student will have a wider English language skill. Teaching science and mathematics by use the English will improve student their knowledge bank and language skill.

3. Although I think in school from learning science and mathematics in English that is not a matter. I also never have a very strongly opinion on this matter of the right in the medium of instruction. In the science and mathematics have their own special language for the concepts. The most important question is the teacher and students they can easy communicate effective which using English in teaching sciences and mathematics. The language debate which language will help our children learning more better. Although we always argue about the answer in the theory, but in the theory and the big problem is that the government choose to implement policy and it is without the good preparing by anyone for it. And I think that is under an ideal situation, when at the primary school must learn the basic grammar in English. So that when continue study in college will more easily study. As the student in progress, more English will be intro into to the curriculum up to the point. So they are having the sufficiently comfortable in the language to learn it. That is what we will ideally do that. In the same time, we can close at least focus strongly on the poorest student their language skill while they all still study at the primary school. So the student will be able to adapt with the regular class in the school. And student will more easily go through the whole school system learning sciences and mathematics in use English. I don’t care what the language you teach science and mathematics. I just take care about the teacher can communicate with the student more easily. I almost suggest the teacher will teach science and mathematics in use the English language. We are going to need a lot of intensive classes to help the student to learn their English language skill.

4. Now I will show a few of advantages of teach science and mathematics in English. There have some of the important point to support the title:

Malaysian is a well-known country for the ability to know at least three languages, that is Bahasa Melayu, Mother tongue, and the Englsih. This will made more comfortable for the tourist come to the Malaysia. Student can adapt easy when their finish primary school then enter university, especially is the oversea university. Student their maybe not is a geniuses, but at least we can let they improve their language skill very well by study both of the all subject in English.

If we need to keep the nation competitive, we must have the fluent command of English is very important. Teaching science and mathematics in English will make Malaysia stay competitive in the international arena. I think the Education Ministry should forget the personalities and must improving policy. They must do the correct thing and not doing things for the sake of political mileage for the nation.

Most of the effective way to learn the language is depends on the environment. If we make a good environment for the student. Then the student will learn well in the good environment. Not of that, more important is the students have a best competitive edge in the long term of learning in university and job scope. At the last, I think more of the parents are really need to look by their child when end of the study.

In order to improving English language skill of the sciences and mathematics. Teacher may enable to teaching student more effectively use the English in the classes. In the classroom, teacher will start develop start use English language for while teaching student them as well as give the question related the subject by the language need. And teacher will focus on how to improve student their English language skill like speaking and writing by using English.

5. I really support teaching science and mathematics in English. I know have half of the subject in the national school is being taught in use the English and including Islamic studies. I believe teaching and learning of the science and mathematics in English will not only pave the way for the student to study and also will motivate students to learn more than one language effective. Many politicians they did not understand the Education Ministry is try to achieve two targets when also implement the new policy for the student. Student they all also can benefit through the policy and they are thoroughly to know the three master language in their life. So let to teaching science and mathematics in English please.


At the last, in my conclusion is the English is really important for the all human. English is an international language in the world. Where you go to the other country or the oversea country, English is always beside of you. That is a language for communication with the other people in other country. And also will increase the affection between the people. So teach science and mathematics in English is really important. And I hope the Education Ministry did not change to teaching in use other language. Not can’t change it, we can increase one more language inside the question to help the people. But the main language will be is the English