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Objectives of Air Traffic Services. (ATS)

First of all I would like to mention about Air Traffic Services.

  1. Air Traffic Control Service ATC.
  1. Aerodrome Control Service
  2. Approach Control Service
  3. Area Control Service
  1. Flight Information Service
  2. Alerting Service
  3. Flight Advisory Service

These are the main ATS services. Then I would like to explain about main objectives of ATS.

a) Prevent collisions between aircraft;

b) Prevent collisions between aircraft on the maneuvering area and obstructions on that area;

c) Expedite and maintain an orderly flow of air traffic;

d) Provide advice and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights;

e) Notify appropriate organizations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid, and assist such organizations as required. (ICAO 2013)

  1. Prevent collisions between aircrafts.

There are two boundaries in the world which is using in the Aviation.

  • Western Bound
  • Eastern Bound

Aircrafts which are flying in the Eastern bound, pilots should have to use Odd flight altitude levels. When they are flying to Western bound, Pilots should have to obey Evens flight altitudes. This rule makes sure the safe of aircrafts. Not only that, If the pilots need to descend or climb their aircraft. First of all pilots should have to ask it, from ATC. After ATC unite check the radar and flight altitude, aircraft’s speed, if there are no any aircraft in that rout and they will give the permeation. If there are more aircrafts in that particular area they are asking speeds and estimate time for particular point, then after ATC unite decide the time for pilots to climb or descend. EX. after 15 min. UL302 can climb up to xxx fleet level.

If there are more aircrafts in same route or altitude, ATC check the speeds and change their Flight altitudes.

If there is a busy route, ATC unite change aircrafts speeds and direction. After they help to make sure aircrafts destination route.

Pilots should have to obey ATC instructions while they are flying. Not only that they have to make conversion between Pilots and ATC unite. Because ATC unite always alert about aircrafts speed altitude and their routes. Therefore their instructions will be help to prevent coalition between aircrafts while they are flying.

  1. Prevent collisions between aircraft on the maneuvering area and obstructions on that area.

Maneuvering is pilots flying into Aspen’s Pitkin County Airport (ASE) should be aware of FAA Notice NOTC4835, which addresses two safety issues at the field. The notice attempts to mitigate ongoing safety incidents at the Colorado airport involving aircraft, vehicles and pedestrians on runways and non-movement area. Outside the skiing season, the movement/non-movement area boundary line was repositioned closer to Taxiway. (AIN 2013)

When the aircraft parked at Apron, pilots should have to ask from Air Traffic Control Unite “flight number and can we push back and start the engines.” If there are no any aircraft has pushed back and start their engines at the apron, ATC unite gave the permission to push back and start the engines. If there are any aircraft bushed back and stare ATC will delay the permission. Because ATC avoid the collision between aircraft inside the Apron,

Before the take off pilots should have to get the permission from ATC unite. They give the flow of orders, ATC check the taxing ways and runway and clear the taxing ways and runway. Later than they give the taxing number for pilots to enter the runway. Behind ATC give the permission to take off and they maintain aircraft’s altitude. ATC unite has to guarantee safe of aircraft, that’s the reason for clear the taxing ways and runway. It stops collision between aircrafts and vehicles.

Pilots should have to follow the orders of instruction before the landing. ATC will clear the runway for landing. They absorb aircrafts and vehicles in the runway. ATC will provide wind directions, and glide path. If there any takeoff or landing on the runway, ATC late their permission and manage both aircrafts routes.

Under the poor visibility situations they delayed aircrafts takeoff and landing. After they manage and help to reach their destinations.

ATC check every nock and comer inside the airport and prevent collision between aircrafts and obstructions on that area.

c.Expedite and maintain an orderly flow of air traffic.

When the busy routes, ATC manage aircraft’s Speed, Altitudes directions. These changes help to prevent from collision between aircrafts and control the traffic among aircrafts.

Before the take off, ATC check and manage aircraft departure times. ATC will manage all aircrafts to takeoff on time.

When if it is a busy periods or busy airports, step by step, ATC will clear the runway, taxing ways and apron. They will manage airport aerospace’s traffic. Because it will be a reason for air collision.

d.Provide advice and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights.

Aircraft’s Altimeter indicates aircraft’s current altitude with using air pressure. Place to place Air pressure and Density can change. Because of this reason pilots have to enter mean see level pressure to the altimeter. Before the landing pilots have to come through correct glide path, therefore pilots have to know correct altitude of aircraft. ATC unit provide ground pressure mean sea level pressure and density of these areas before the landing. Aircrafts use some countries aero spaces, Flight Information Regents FIR of those counties provide pressure density and temperature to maintain aircraft’s altitude.

Under poor visibility situations ATC provide advisory services for aircrafts to prevent collision between aircrafts and Obstructs in the airport area.

Below the connection failure situations between Aircrafts and ATC unite, ATC provide advises using signals. Those signals are useful for the safe landing. Efficiently they check the failures of aircraft and provide some advices within shorter time.

ATC unite always alert about their Flight Information Regent area FIR and provide information for aircrafts. Those advise and Information will help to control traffic of aero space. It will make sure the safe about aircrafts.