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For web-based video rental management system, the asp.net is use to develop this project as a front-end system and vb.net 2008 as a back-end system. This system is linking with MySQL 2005 as database resource. Comparing between Online Video Rental Management System with another existing system in the current market is needed to identify the weakness and strength of the systems and the specialization of this project.

This chapter will begin with definition of Online Video Rental Management System which proved by several journals or articles and follow by description of advantages and disadvantages of Online Video Rental Management System, workflow architecture for Online Video Rental Management System, and lastly is comparison this project with similar system in current market that included VidRent – Online DVD Rental Software, Video Rental Software, DRS Pro Start, W3Rentâ„¢ – Rental System, and Online Video Rental Management System.

Definition of Online Video Rental Management System

Table 2.1: Definition of Online Video Rental Management System(no italic)



(Bertino.E, Trombetta.A, Montesi.D, 2002)

Each particular system is build from what types of the data it handles and the functionalities that performs. An indexing and querying of video data can be supported by the system which is database for billing purposes or video store system which just store the video data that lacking the typical features of database.

(Bertino.E, Trombetta.A, Montesi.D, 2002)

A particular system is introduced in the architecture because quality of service is an important requirement for whole management system. Architecture result consists of several systems that integrated all their functionalities while preserve autonomy, extensibility and data integrity where necessary

(R.Walker, P. Foster, and S. Banthorpe, 1997).

An powerful interactive video systems must not only store the videos, but it also provide full functionalities included queries support, insertions and deletions for managing the videos as well as for users subscription and billing according to some policy and it must ensure adequate quality of service.



(Basile. P, Tinelli. E, Degemmis. M, Noia, T. D., Semeraro. G, Sciascio, E. D, 2007).

Through online catalogues, videos are recommended to customer normally are described in both of useful features which are textual features and non-textual features. Online catalogues are the motivation that often behind the research of the developer on the recommendation features.

(Dr. Oliver Hinz, & Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen Eckert, 2010).

Search videos and videos recommendation tools play a crucial role in e-commerce. There are only beneficial for consumers if successful to search for appropriate products supported by system which help them to identify products that fit to their preferences. So, customers can use actively for their search and recommendation systems that independently recommend products on the basis of certain algorithms and data.

(Dr. Oliver Hinz, & Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen Eckert, 2010).

There had two different consequences of the search and recommendation systems for the rental and sales included decreasing search costs can increase the sales based on additional consumption and there can also be a shift in demand from blockbusters to niche products and vice versa, so that substitution effects can be observed.



(Yanjiang. Y & Beng Chin. O, 2005).

Current rental records containing two purposes to identifying information serve primarily that are users who holding overdue rental items can be trade by the service provider but only in case the user does not return the items in time. Second is the service provider can enforce rental limit such that a user cannot simultaneously keep more than a limited rental items. To be effective, an anonymous rental system has to afford these two functions as in a regular rental service.

(J. J. Jozefowicz, J. M. Kelley, & S. M. Brewer, 2008)

A serious lack of success films exist in the video rental market from analysing even the obvious popularity of this form of entertainment and the fact that the majority of film studios’ domestic revenues are generated by home video viewing.

(Zhan Wang, Harrison Stein, Chin Yeung Siu, & Ruiqi Rachel Wang, 2005)

Customers can easily rent the movies through online or at rental stores to enjoy watching the movies whenever at a much cheaper cost rather than watching movies in theatres. Movies rental is more flexibility to support the customers and enabling them to enjoy the movies in comfort of their own homes.

State Simplify:

By increasing media technology in movies recorder, especially movies which are stored in DVD rather than VCD are become most popular in rental business nowadays. There are about quadruple of storage in DVD larger than VCD with lower price. Customers more prefer watching movies in home in cheaper price rather than go cinema. In additional, the location of the company that support in this project is no cinema. So, movies rental is a very popular business in Cameron Highlands and it is play an important role in entertainment for resident.

This project had allocated to two applications that are front-end application and back-end application. The front-end application which is interface that designs to interact with the users through online customer services. Several functions such as movies previews, videos rating, voting, and some recommendation are provide to help in sales increases by hearing from the customer. Information that collects from the customers at the front-end application needs to processes from back-end application that control by administrator but not customers such as transaction record, customer information, order management, payment detail and movies stock.

By fulfilling the company requirement, a customization system is need to design based on company need and condition. In this case, system design is more focus on the customer services rather than administration functions. So, this project is needs to add more additional functions to improve the customer services and fulfil their need at the same time benefit to the company in two ways.

Targeting to expand the company, a flexible system is mainly consideration by the company to adding a communication space to collect the information from customer and understand what the customer needs. Customers are freely allows to remove, add, or cancel reservation of the videos within certain period. By cooperation several functionalities, an integration management system is create and it is fully customise to the company and help the company improve the business daily transaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Video Rental Management


Online video rental management system is design with several advantages that benefit to organizational, customers and business processes. According to PlanMagic(2010), advantages included legendary ease of use, advanced functionality, low cost of ownership, customer approved and competitor ‘Approved’.

Same as proved from PlanMagic, 2010, this project had advance functionalities to achieve competitive advantages that are more focus on customer services by adding the automation email sending, attraction interface, and given movies recommendation to let customer unlimited browse and watch movies preview through online and leave some commends on the movies after they watched. Movies recommendation specially provides to customer who are in hesitate of choosing movies. Lower prices of the movies rental are suitable for local students and residents because the owner is obtain the low cost of the movies resources by suppliers.

From such advantages, its user-friendly format can be easily controlled by anyone and at the same time, it able requires and maintains to only one person with reducing overheads to a great extent. This video rental system can be understood and installed within a few minutes. In this project, it can benefit to the owner by reducing the human resource and fully utilize system performance to easily keep track the rentals and sales history, storing customer information, auto calculate late payment and generate payment that customer need to pay. All these features are totally customizable and make for unique Online Video Rental Management System to meet the expectation of the Stop and Stick Company.

Online reservation is one of the advantages from this project to let the customer making order anytime and anywhere. They no need arrive to the shop to checking whether the movies in stock or not. By applying this project, owner can get the business easily through customer online reservation and increase the orders from suppliers to expand their business quickly. According to Web Experts, 2008, “Our online reservations system for videos, DVDs, equipment, or whatever else you want to rent handles everything included east stocking and management.”

By applying online video rental management system, customers are freely to browse the website, view the movies preview, given recommendation, or making reservation of the movies in whole day 24 hours whether the shop is close or not. Reservation list will be auto arrange in order and handle by owner for second day.

Besides of advantages, this project had some disadvantage that cannot be avoided. Compare to the current online video rental system, local DVD movie rental from this project have to treat with late fees, due dates and traffic but through online videos rental system, there are no need to worry about it by ship the videos to the customer after make order from online.

Due to the small business company, the company had not suitable yet to running the business by delivery the DVDs to customer through online reservation. By consideration of limited resources of movies and human resources, it is difficult for company to append this service with higher cost. Customer needs to arrives the shop and rent the movies which are reserved. Due dates and late fees are needed charges from customer to maintains and manage the limited stock of movies.

In additional, by the reason of the good company location which is stay at middle of the city, so that students must pass by the shop after school for everyday. It is bringing a larger market for the students who are rent the movies or return with easily and convenience. So, it is hard to provide the online payment feature from this small company, customer cannot enjoy any payment through online. Transaction process is done by cash exchanges between the owner and customer at the shop after reservation on the portal.

Besides that, one of the disadvantages of this project is the problem of DVDs damage or broken after return by customer and gets negation by customer. The lost of physical cost lost is one of the disadvantages of this project which cannot be avoided and only can control it by manageable the videos under the rule and procedure before rent to the customer.

Workflow Architecture for Online Video Rental Management System

Figure 2.2: Workflow Architecture from source (Riderck, 2009, March 28).(no date, no italic) (Riderck, 2009)

In this section, the overall structure of the online video rental management system is referring by Riderck’s video rental system which is similar with this project. Same as Riderck workflow, all customer need to register as a member before utilize the web-based video rental management system at the shop to obtain the id number and membership card by owner. Customer information will be store into the database for rental use.

According to the Riderck workflow, it is an offline video rental system and transaction will be keep track after customer rent the movies in the shop. Payment will be calculate by admin part that is inside the video rental system and generate the receipt to customer. By compare with this project, using web-based video rental management system is bringing tremendous benefit to the customer and company for manage the company and effect in increasing sales. After registered as a member, customer can freely leave their comment, rating, voting and making reservation on what the movies they need through online.

Besides that, latest release movies and promotion had automatic received by customer at the first time by email sending. Movies which are coming up to date had reminded by email sending from company to prevent movies fine. Reservation or direct orders by customers are process sequence by admin part who are first come first serve.

Payment automatically calculates by system that included late payment and total of videos rent let the company easily and speed up the transaction processes. Simple report will be generate for every month to clearly define the total of sales, total movies that are rent and help in decision making by ordering the movies from supplier based on the popular rate of movies.

A concept of workflow architecture at the below is draw by developer for this project to let readers more understand about the system process of Online Video Rental Management System as a big picture.

Figure 2.3: Workflow Architecture of Online Video Rental Management System

Comparing Online Video Rental Management System

2.4.1 Comparison between Online Video Rental Management System with existing current system

Table 2.4: Comparing Online Video Rental Management Systems with existing system- Administrator Part (Back-end Application)(no itallic, pls retructure table become smaller)