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Motivation Is the psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction. and management is corned with the effect be and efficient deployment of resources. Human resource is one of the most important in any organization and company and the role of manager is to be a leader and achieve organization objective by developing a partnership with people. Motivation in work is one of the very variables determining employees performance. we can say that motivation it is hard to give any type of permanent definition about motivation but it is a kind of direction in which employees are ambitious and they can take action and make an effort. Motivation is an power that causes people to behave in a positive way motivation collective with ability result in performance. Motivation is the internal power or a type of energy and it pushes toward the performance of the employees. If desire and ambition are absent, motivation absent too because motivation are much do with desire and ambition. Motivation strengthens always give the way, courage energy and persistence to follow the organization goal. A motivate employee take action and does whatever and whenever it need to achieve their goals


Motivating staff is a fundamentally important dimension of successful management and a vital aspect of a leaders role. Significant organizational outcomes can be obtained by having staff that are motivated. These include:

Increased productivity in the workplace

Reduced absenteeism and turnover

Increased innovation and creativity

Increased employee and customer satisfaction

An enhanced company profile

Higher quality products or services

Improved financial performance

Employees want interesting work where they are given responsibility, autonomy, challenges and the opportunity to learn. Good working conditions, job security, and pay are important, appreciation should be shown and regular feedback should be given on an employee’s performance. Managers holding this view of work and their employees would most likely demonstrate trust in their employees, use explanations and joint problem-solving methods, give staff room to interpret and implement organisational objectives for themselves, act as a facilitator, provide opportunities for growth and job enrichment, allow staff to use their creative abilities and remove restrictions to doing a good job. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through others. A committed and motivated workforce is critical to maximising an organisation’s full potential. Highly motivated employees frequently seek to work beyond the bounds of their specific work roles and functions in order to not only improve themselves, but also to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Motivated employees can be considered vital to organisational survival in our rapidly changing workplaces and work world – they help organisations survive because they are more productive

At the end we can say that the performance of an organization is dependent on its employees. After all, your employees are the engine of your organization.


First it is important to understand that what motivate employees and how they were motivated. According to Maslow a employees have five level of need and they are physiological, safety, social, ego, and self actualizing and he argued that lower level need had to be satisfied before the next higher level need would motivate employees. It is important for the organization that they value there employees try to understand there problem and always offer some opportunities for growth and development in short make them part of the organization. To motivate employees are a great important in a organization and it can be done by:-

keep to be at work

Take pride in there work

Work attitude

Does not display in their work

Customer orientation

Display a high level of commitment



Motivated employees are the need of any organization for our changing work place. Motivated employees are more productive so they always help organization to survive in every field. For a effective managers it must to understand what type of motivates employees within the context the perform in role. Motivating employees is most complex for example research suggested that as employees income increase money become less of a motivate also as employees get older exciting work become more of a motivator.


There are some factors which play a important role to motivate employees. Such as

employment Security

Sympathetic help with individual problem

Personal loyalty to employees interesting work

Give good working situation

Good quality Wages

Promotions and growth in the organization.

Most of the organization believes to motivate their employees because it influence the employees performance by following way:-

1. Higher Productivity Levels

2.Lower Labour Turnover

3. Lower Absenteeism

4. Improve Quality with lees waster

5.Greater Willingness to accept rather than resist change

6. Greater Willingness to contribute idea and take on responsibility

7. Employees Loyalty 8. Employees Turnover


It is seen that a employees performance has an impact on the organization’s objective. And it is thus imperative that every employees performance should be managed. This process of performance management includes group assessments and peer reviews. In recent time performance management system have become more essential because managers are under constant pressure to get better progress and performance of their organization by motivate their employee.

Despite the motivation performs it is necessary to briefly highlight the barriers that might affect the performance of employee. These barriers may be the result understand competencies, inappropriate performance goals, or lack of feedback about performance. There are some factor which is affective overall employees performance .1.INTERNAL FACTOR:- Those factor which is control and influence by any organization are called internal factor like job description and selection.

2.EXTERNAL FACTOR:-In external factors a organization has little control or no control such as demand for job or grading systems.

Corporat Examples of motivation and employees performance:-

Geo television use the following tools to motivate its employees and this tools affected the employees performance and it is seen that employees performance become better after this. These tools are such as.

Performance base incentives

Geo television gives incentives to its employees on its performance.

Annual evaluation of the employee performance discussed with the employee. There is and idea box in the reception room available to employees and even visitors. All ideas are implemented and the generator of the idea is rewarded with a prize. The CEO of the company is heading this company himself

Annual employees function

Success story of the month in each department is mentioned for employees who have gone that extra mile in achieving their objectives. Their stories are discussed; the committee reviews them and selects the best one. The winner of the best success story is rewarded with a dinner for the two prizes.

All the employees work in a Comfortable environment because they are free to do their work ,environment is very friendly



Motivational Policy of Toyota Company based on Maslow’s need Hierarchy & Herzberg’s job Enrichment Theory. Toyota company always try to motivate their employees because they believe that employees are a vital part of the company. A business not be success without the employees good performance .Firstly Toyota always try to understand employees motivation, it is seen that the individual performance has an impact on any organization so it is important that every employees performance should be managed

According to Maslow’s theory:

Job Security

Good Pay

Safe working conditions

Satisfy lower level needs

Culture of continuous improvement

Support growth toward self Actualization

The Toyota Company achieve the following approaches on the basis of Herzberg’s job Enrichment Theory and by motivate their employees