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Boots Group – Best known for their high street stores. Apply the rational process of strategy formulation and implementation to Boots Group Company, through analysis of its external and internal environments, identification of long-term objectives, and the organisation’s strategic options.

Environmental Audit

The main focus from the Boots Company PLC environment has always been customer services, since it first began way back in 1900. Boots cite this as one of ‘the core values of our brand.’[1] What drives its success in a commercial sense is not only that they pay specific attention to their customer services but also that they are particularly efficient at dealing with change. They have been pioneering in their industry insofar as use of heat, gas, electricity and motorised engines go, and latterly in their stringent and well marketed support of recycling and non-animal testing products. Rather than pursuing this as a rather periforary activity as many of its contemporaries do, Boots actually reinforces these things right down to researching what kind of energy efficient ways of producing the products they buy, their own suppliers use. They use a clever marketing campaign, both in store and on television to support their green tendencies and are more than a little aware that this will enhance their standing in the battle against the health and anti-cruelty campaign which sweeps the country more forcefully every year. Their campaigns and policies give them the weight they need to contend with other supporters of the same campaign such as The Body Shop and Lush, who promote all natural products.

This policy is then supported within the company by setting targets for the employers to work to, including bonuses for certain products promoted and sales of certain brands. They are conscientious and have built a reputation over the years which has seen the company grow steadily over the past 8 years at approx 4% a year in sales and with a small but consistent raise in shares and dividends. The company has been achieving this through its constant modern approach to changing times, and its policy to always serve the customer first, and look after its staff as best it can. It has been named as one of the ’employers of the year’ by GTI group, for its pension programme, and its graduate training course, both of which offer stable and suitable compensations and salaries in a varied and challenging environment.

The company also exercises an ‘open’ policy which means that if there are any public complaints or internal complaints these are talked about openly and nothing is hidden from the public. This serves to prove that the company has nothing to hide and are not entering into anything that may affect or diminish their standing in the market if what was going on ‘behind the scenes’ was discovered. The whole idea is that this does away with the large corporate image and introduces a more friendly and easily approachable one, making the store more accessible to a wider market.

An Organisational Audit

Based on the current share price of 6.24GBP, Boots Group Plc is 37th in the FSTE 100, this carries exceptional weight when we think of the amount of companies competing for places in the FSTE, and the fact that many of them are huge multi national conglomerates. The placing confirms the companies competitive placing in the market, and therefore supports the way in which it carries out its methods of consumerism, marketing and advertising.

Strategically speaking the company cleverly asserts a ‘multi ethical’ policy along side it’s recycling policies. The whole aesthetic of Boots Group Plc is politically correct, meaning that they cover themselves against any eventuality or accusation before it can even happen. They make sure they hire from every ethnic background, they source their products from all over the world, carefully avoiding any connection with child labour abuse or any work exploitative circumstances. This way they support small markets and economies but cannot