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Discharge Report

Assignment Details

In this assessment task, you will be facilitating Jim discharge from hospital to his home. Each student’s report will be different as Jim lives in the same suburb or town in which you reside.For example, if you live in Norwood, Jim lives in Norwood, if you live in Sheffield, Jim lives in Sheffield.  If you live in Woolloomooloo…You will be exploring the services and options available in your local community. CASE STUDYRUBRICCriterionDischarge planningThink about what discharge plan should be for a patient clear, unambiguous, easy to     understand, well thought out.flowcharts, images, dot points Provides a precise and comprehensive plan of care,which considers Jim and his family’s care requirements.Provides a comprehensive plan of care, which considers Jim and his family’scare requirements.incorporates a strengths-based approach (40%)Framed in the principle of autonomy– Person centred care.-Empowerment– Health promotion and healing-Collaborative partnership.-Demonstrates exceptional exploration, critical analysis and application of the   principles.-The code of ethics comes on handy for this criteria –Value statement three.-As you go over jim case again for this assessment task reflect on cultural aspects that you think are pertinent in the development of a culturally safe plan of care.-What may be barriers and facilitators?Demonstrates a sophisticated & comprehensive understanding of the culturalfactors which may impact on the provision of care for Jim and his family.High level of academic writing with strong evidence of planning.Discussion is consistently expressed in a clear and fluent manner.Draws on a judicious selection of literature to inform and justify writing.Accurately referenced all sources using the Harvard style, without error.I have attached case study for this assessment in different pdf file. This case study is related with this assessment. Please read through the case study before doing the assessment.  Please hand out the assessment on 21st thank you. Answer preview:The report primary aim is investigating the discharge plan available to Jim from the hospital to the community. It looks at the various services that Jim and his wife Amara would access to enable them adequately recover. It discusses services such as the support and treatment given to individuals once discharged from the hospital and how often they can access the services. Furthermore, the report further provides for details on how should contact the hospital in case of emergency services. It further talks about discharge planning and the core principles that the hospital should observe. Additionally, ethical considerations such as sharing the patient’s information are also discussed together with the principles of strengths-based nursing.Recently, Jim’s family has had issues pertaining their health where his sick together with his wife. The hospital has discharged Jim from the hospital, and he joins his wife who’s also ill at homeWord: 1,900

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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