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Discuss teamwork Challenges

Assignment Details

1. Communication:Some employees require more communication than others. Some employees you may have to explain a task in more details and possibly stay with them to make sure that the task is being completed correctly, while some employees are about to pick up on that certain just by simply instructions with no questions needing to be asked.2. Motivation:Everyone’s motivation to come into work is different. Some don’t mind just coming in and doing the job and going home. Nothing more, nothing less. Some employees can have no motivation for various reasons such as; pay, respect for management, or difficulties of the job. With that being said there are employees that strive to be the best and make sure that they are always working hard and pushing themselves and others to do better.3. Trust:Trust is a very difficult thing to earn but once you earn it, your employees will be willing to do whatever task that you put in front of them. But trust can be lost very fast. Some employees may not trust a new manager because of their age, they may not want to be told what to do by a younger person that they don’t know or they may not like the changes the new manager has implemented.Part 1 List problemsIn phase 1 you will work as individuals and list all the problems that you feel exist within team-based assignments. It can be anything that you have experienced, that someone you know has experienced or something that you feel is important to address. This is meant to reflect youropinions based on your perspective, there is no wrong or right answer. Think about the following aspects of teams: Answer preview:While there are positive aspects that are known to emanate from collaborating in team projects, there are many unknown truths or challenges that are present in the same. Amongst others, there is overall productivity and creativity when different members join in accomplishing a particular set of project. However, as time goes by, they start experiencing some common  team challenges, which in turn does the entire project to be frustratingWords: 676

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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