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Imagine that you have a family member with Alzheimer’s disease. A friend sends you the following link about the use of aromatherapy in people with Alzheimer’s disease:https://best-alzheimers-products.com/alternative-therapy-for-alzheimers/aromatherapy-for-alzheimers (Links to an external site.)You are interested in evaluating whether this kind of treatment might really help your family member, but you want to be sure that the article provides accurate information and that this treatment is safe and effective. This paper will allow you to use the TRAAP test to evaluate the information on this web page.In an essay of at least two full pages (no more than 4!), pleaseUse APA format wherever this is relevant. You will not be graded on your use of APA format but you will receive feedback on this if you use it improperly. Note that to address some of the elements of the TRAAP Test, you will have to do some additional research beyond what is in the article (e.g. to see if there are other versions available, to comment about the source).Outline (2-4 pages total):Some Ground Rules:RUBRIC FOR GRADING PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT #1The TRAAP Test: Evaluating InformationTimeliness: The “newness” of the informationRelevance: The depth and importance of the information for youAuthority: The source of the informationAccuracy: The reliability and correctness of the informationPurpose: The reason the information was created Answer preview:Summary of the ArticleSchmid, in his article, says “yes” to the prompt of whether aromatherapy can help Alzheimer’s disease. Schmid argues that the use of aromatherapy, and its effectiveness, in treating Alzheimer’s disease has been increasingly gaining attention over the recent past. According to Schmid, a vast range of essential oils, such as bergamot, lemon and lavender, are proving effective for improving memory and cognitive functions, as well as anxiety and depression. The idea of aromatherapy and its purpose in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease can possibly shape minds into thinking that the “aroma” is responsible for treatment, but Schmid acknowledges this somewhat misleading perspective. Aromatherapy and its use for treating Alzheimer’s disease does not necessarily implies that the aroma is responsible for treatment functions, but rather the oils are, which is due to direct effects that they have on the brain and body (Schmid, 2010).Words:1100

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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