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by | Jun 18, 2022 | Questions & Answers

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Internship at Carma
Week 4

On Monday, I was able to shadow one of the senior economic analysts in the firm. Through my interaction with the analyst, I was able to see first-hand how various data analysis tools were used and I learned to use these to evaluate various research inputs and get viable results. The first tool I was exposed to was Excel worksheets; here I learned how to organize and present information using charts generated in Microsoft Excel. Visuals such as charts and graphs are essential for presenting information since they bring data together in a well-organized form, and summarize it in a form that is easy to quickly understand. This skill has been very important to my career because working on research projects involves summarizing and representing project data, and until now I have been relying a lot on my programming skill to accomplish that. On the following day, we continued our lesson on working with Excel as well as other statistical and economic models used to represent information. Wednesday, we continued Tuesday?s lesson. We went through the regular systematic analysis of collected data; this was to give me an even better understanding of the different ways data is represented. On Thursday, I worked on understanding how to distinguish economic variables and concepts. I learned that these variables are used in calculating Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and learned how to differentiate different types of GDP terms. It was almost like a recitation for my economic class at NYU. Although I vaguely remember learning those in school, it was more engaging, interesting and educational to see them being used in real life. Friday was a continuation of Thursday?s lesson on economic indicators and variables; this served to further my understanding of the business.

What I learned this week will add a lot to my career as an economist. I got to learn how to use research and analysis tools to explore data and come up with conclusions supported by the data. I’m now better able to understand and appreciate the value of analysis tools in research. What is more, I learned how to work with figures of authority in the workplace. Finally, I learned data presentation skills as well as the basic concepts in business analytics.


Internship at Carma
Week 5
On this week of internship, I was exposed to report writing and delivering both verbal and visual presentation. Since report writing and presentation are one of the key skills an economist should have, I paid full attention to detail during this learning week. On Monday, my supervisor informed me of a meeting that was going to take place on Tuesday where her team would be presenting a report on a project to the board of directors. She handed me a copy of the report she had written and told me to go through it before the meeting began. Therefore, I spent most of the day going through the book and asking questions about the places I did not understand. I reported to work early on Tuesday since the meeting was scheduled to start early. However, some of the board members were late to arrive and thus the meeting started later than expected. I sat next to my supervisor during the presentation and we got to see one of her team members present the report to the board. Later, the group members took turns to answer questions posed by the members of the board. The meeting ended in a low tone where the team was expected to revise the report and come up with a better one by Friday when the next board meeting would be held. I was not feeling well on Wednesday so I excused myself from attending work. Thursday I was feeling much better and went to work; I spent the day with my supervisor and her group while they were still making corrections to the report presented on Tuesday. Finally, on Friday I attended the board meeting where this time round the presentation was successful and the board members were pleased.

I learned a lot throughout the week, for instance, on how to present information to a board of directors. I got to understand that it requires a lot of confidence and research for one to present a report to the relevant stakeholders. What is more, I learned the different ways of preparing and presenting data involves clarity with regards to all of the vital information. Also, I learned some of the ways to present information which includes the use of maps, charts, posters and even slides. This has prepared me for the future, since I experienced first-hand how to go about presenting a detailed report. The experience was thrilling since I got to be involved in professionally giving a detailed account on different research projects. In addition, I also learned report writing strategies since I got a chance to go through the report prepared by the team.

Week 6
My final week of intenship involved planning of projects and making future economic projections. For the first day of the week, I was given the task of evaluating past and present economic issues and trends that had affected the company. This served to increase my understanding of the economy and how best to plan the project so as to suit the economy. I was able to go through various detailed information that had been documented on economic trends as well as issues that had affected the company in the past. On Tuesday the team met up and everyone was given a chance to air their views about how best to approach the project. The conversation was lively and by the end of the day, there were very many viable suggestions. On Wednesday, the team went for a field analysis and I was left in the office where I kept myself busy by arranging the files and documents we had used earlier in accordance to date; this would be useful in facilitating proper organization and efficiency. Thursday, we analyzed data that had been collected in the field and this project carried all the way through to Friday since it involved a lot of study and research to come up with substantial conclusions.
Generally, it was during this period that I was exposed to vast research projects. I was clearly shown how to combine past result with current ones to come up with estimated future projections. This week?s study showed me the clear importance of research and what it means to keep proper research records since they may come in handy in case of future reference. I learned that professionals who thrive in the field of research make successful candidates who are knowledgeable and competent in the field of economics.
In conclusion, it is seen that my internship was a success since it not only exposed me to the practical field of economics but also boosted the theoretic knowledge acquired from school. Learning the different research methods has equipped me with the skill of knowing what research method is appropriate in coming up with informed analysis. Secondly, the experience tremendously boosted my confidence and communication skills which are very fundamental in building my career. What is more, I got to learn more about how it feels to work out there in the field. I learned the importance of effective workflow and how such helps a company provides consistent results thus helping to maintain reliability.

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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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