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UNV 503 Week 1 Assignments and Discussion QuestionsUNV 503 Week 1 Assignments and Discussion Questions

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Questions & Answers

DescriptionUNV 503 Week 1 Assignments and Discussion QuestionsUNV503UNV 503 Week 1 Discussion 1How do you think your graduate educational experience will be different from your undergraduate experience? How would you describe a graduate learning community? What would be the key components of a learning community and how might it be different from an undergraduate learning community?UNV 503 Week 1 Discussion 2This module discussed the importance of communication. One of the goals of GCU is to help you to effectively communicate throughout your life. Access and review the “Communication Tool.” Why is it important to communicate effectively with others? How will effective communication help students in their academic career? Give examples. Why do you think GCU emphasizes quality discussion posts and proper etiquette in the Discussion Forums?UNV 503 Week 1 Discussion 3After learning more about what GCU is all about by reading about GCU’s Christian identity and heritage at the link provided below, how do you  think GCU’s Christian heritage makes the GCU academic experience different than at a non-faith based university? What value will this difference add to your educational experience? After learning about the complexities and benefits of spiritual integration within the counseling process, how do you believe GCU addresses this need for spiritual competency?UNV 503 Week 1 Assignment 1 Navigating the Online Environment Scavenger HuntLearning how to navigate the online classroom environment is essential to your academic success.View the LoudCloud Walk to Class Tutorial and search LoudCloud to find the answers.Complete the scavenger hunt while navigating LoudCloud.UNV 503 Week 1 Assignment 2 Time Monitoring WorksheetThis assignment will help you develop an important skill for college and everyday life – time management. For this assignment, you will keep an informal time log in which you note all your activities for 3 days, from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Then, you will review your activities to identify times when you were not productive. You should use this information for planning ways to make better use your time.Part 1: Monitor your time in hourly increments.Use the Time Monitoring Worksheet to write down what you did each hour of the day, starting at 5 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. Even if you do not get up until 10 a.m., you still need to record 5 a.m. – 9 a.m. as “sleep.”Do not overdo the recording; record the primary activity for the hour. At most, record two activities per hour.Part 2: ReflectionOn day four, review your completed Time Monitoring Worksheet in order to take a serious look at how you use your time each day.Write a 250 – 500 word reflection on how you manage your time. Include the following in your reflection:What are some things you can do more efficiently?What are the main items/tasks that take up most of your time?Do you see areas in your daily routine where you can make adjustments to become more productive?Do you have any “black holes” that unnecessarily suck up a lot of your time?Week 1 Assignment 3 Class Wall BiographyParticipating and getting to know other students in your class is important in order to create the online community at GCU. The Class Wall is a place for students to network and get to know one another. Your first post to the Class Wall will be a biography to share information about you with fellow students.Here are some things to consider including in your biography:Your nameWhere you are fromYour familyThe degree program you are enrolled inWhat you currently do for a livingYour hobbies or interestsMotivation for pursuing a graduate degreeYour biography should be 250-350 words in length.Post your biography to the Class Wall by the end of Day 2 of Topic 1.Once other students have posted their bios, go back to the Class Wall and read them, as well as your instructor’s bio.Submit your biography to the appropriate assignment drop box as well as posting it to the Class Wall.

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UNV 503 Week 1 Assignments and Discussion QuestionsUNV 503 Week 1 Assignments and Discussion Questions
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