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Define and explain why their existence is viable.Define and explain why their existence is viable.

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Questions & Answers

Assignment #1 Prompt: Healthcare Facility Alternatives
Telehealth care (THC) is a subfield within telemedicine. It involves the delivery of healthcare services to patients at home through the use of telecommunications technologies which enable the interaction of voice video and health-related data.
Day Hospital is a special facility or an arrangement within a hospital setting that enables the patient to come to the hospital for treatment during the day and return home or to another facility at night.
Using the rubric below as your guide define the structure financing mechanisms and access to care for these 2 new and innovative healthcare alternatives (Telehealth Care and DAY Hospitals).
Explore the innovative healthcare alternatives: [Telehome Care & Day Hospitals] and research to answer Part 1 Part 2-1and 2-2 as described below.Please note that the assignment should beMINIMUM 5 pages but no more than7 pagesMAXIMUM [excludingtitle and reference pages].
Separately describe 2 of the healthcare alternatives listed above
1. Define and explain why their existence is viable. [20pts.] 2. Structure How it works and who is responsible. [20pts.] 3. financing mechanisms of each. [i.e. How they are funded/financially supported and payment system] [30pts.] 4. managed care impact [Medicaid and medicare] [30pts.] Part 2-1:
1. How has the insurgence of each of these healthcare alternatives financially impacted hospitals? [30pts.] 2. Is the result a more cost effective health service a higher quality service or bothor neither? [30pts.] Be sure to Restate each question prior to answering. Points will be deducted if you do not DEFEND YOUR ANSWERS or restate the question.
Part 2-2:
Your client is (a) a just diagnosed patient with lung cancer (b) in rural America (c) with no direct access to a major hospital or cancer center and (d) with limited funds and basic health insurance. He/she is looking for the best care and cure but not sure where to go. What would you suggest and why? [20pts.] ORGANIZATION STYLE & COHERENCE [20ptns] a. Punctuation Grammar Spelling Errors. Word choice appropriate for the topic and audience Ideas clearly presented Clear movement between ideas Followed directions by re-stating each question prior to answering [Max. 10 pts deduction] b. Reference Page with MINIMUM FOUR (4) CURRENT PEER-REVIEWED [2013+] References with appropriate In-text documentation/citation (in APA) [NOTE: .com references will not be accepted!] [Max. 10 pts deduction] c. Paper in APA format. Introduction of topic and the information requested. Conclude [Summarize] topic and subsequent information. 12 pt Times New Roman with Double spaced with I inch margins. Cover (Title) Page Pages Numbered AND running head. [Max.10 pts. deduction]


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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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