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Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded)Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded)

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Questions & Answers

Describe a Significant Clinical Issue (graded)
1. Reflect on your practice and identify a significant clinical issue that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. This issue will be the basis for the Research Database Assignment that you will submit Week 4. Describe what makes your issue significant for example the seriousness the number of people affected the gaps in knowledge and so forth. Remember to integrate references.
For this question you need to identify a significant issue that you see within your own workplace. This is probably one of the most important questions you will respond to in this course as the issue you identify will serve as the basis for your PICO question (on our 2nd forum this week) AND your Research Database assignment that you will create in this class (and eventually take with you to your Capstone course).
Formulate Searchable Clinical Questions (graded)
2. Read the assigned case study and formulate searchable clinical questions in the PICO(T) format. There are several potential questions that could be asked. Identify if the focus of your question is assessment etiology treatment or prognosis. Remember to integrate references.
For this particular discussion question you will craft one PICO based on the Week 2 Case Study.
formulate 1 PICO based on the clinical issue you identified on the 1st thread this week (Week 2). This way we can get you started on finalizing the PICO that you will base your Research Database assignment on in this class. Later you will take this work with you to your final Capstone course where you will write a Change Project paper (more on this later).
This message is to convey that you dont always need a Comparison (C) within your PICO. The reason is simplethe Comparison (C) is usually what is currently being done which isnt working right? So when you include one you not only have to research it fully but also the Intervention (I) you are proposingand then compare them to one another. Since I find that to be too much work most times you do not need one and the Intervention (I) itself will suffice since that is the primary focus of your projectthat you are trying to prove that a certain Intervention (I) will work and/or will resolve the issue itself.
With this said when conveying your PICO if a Comparison (C) is not needed you can express it either as None or Current processes and that will suffice.
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