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Discuss the role of genetics in this case.Discuss the role of genetics in this case.

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Questions & Answers

Ms. Neighbors
Ms. Neighbors is a 25 year old single unemployed African American woman who was evaluated in the crisis center after her sister observed that her behavior had become increasingly bizarre and her work habits erratic. She had no prior psychiatric history.
Ms. Neighbors lost her job 3 months ago and had become increasingly preoccupied with her neighbors who she felt were harassing her by accessing her thoughts and then repeating them to her. She admitted to feeling stressed since she lost her job.
She presented as poised attractive and appeared perfectly normal which surprised her evaluators after they had read her admission complaints. She had no insight as to why she was being evaluated. She denied mood disturbance and denied having any psychotic symptoms. When asked if anyone could read her mind she replied Yes it happens all the time and described how when she was planning her dinner in silence she heard her neighbors reciting her menu out on the street. She claimed that everyone developed telepathic powers in childhood and she had just become aware of hers. She was also upset that her neighbors were critical of her and saying that Youre no good and You have to leave. She admitted to thinking about having a contract put out to eliminate the neighbors.
The patient was medicated and her beliefs about thought broadcasting remitted. Within 2 months she was employed and feeling well.
What is her diagnosis?
What are the symptoms that helped you make this diagnosis? What diagnostic criteria do they relate to?
What are two other possible diagnoses and why did you not choose them?
Discuss the role of genetics in this case.
What is her prognosis?
READ: Chapter 13 (B & D); (Delusional Brief Psychotic Disorders)
Book: Barlow David H. and Duran D.V.Mark (2015). Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach (7th Ed.). Belmont CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
Note:Please read instructions carefully as provided. Make sure to cite your work and to provide your references. Careful when you use words that affirm 100% what you are saying. Always according to otherwise it looks like I am affirming it. Thank you.
How are physicians and patients regulated by government? ?Describe how the regulatory environment will impact the health care economy when formulating a response.


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