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Give feedback/respond to 6 discussion posts. No more than 1Give feedback/respond to 6 discussion posts. No more than 1

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Questions & Answers

Give feedback/respond to 6 discussion posts. No more than 1 paragraph is needed. If context is needed about any of the discussions please let me know.STUDENT ONE:The use of linear programming for media purposes have two objectives, to maximize the audience exposure or to minimize advertising costs (p. 289). The planning technique for media purposes allows different situations and their given restrictions, framing the optimal maximum or minimum desired results.The five fundamental characteristics are identified as, objective function, constraints, non-negativity, linearity, and finiteness. The fundamental characteristic in all such cases is to find the optimum combination of factors after evaluating known constraints. LP provides solution to business managers, understanding the complex problems in a clear and sound way (Kalpana, 2014).Some identifiable problems with LP for media purposes are the coverage of exposure, the frequency in which the message will be delivered, the intended targeted market, the vehicle used to deliver the message, frequency, duration, availability in the targeted area(s) and cost.STUDENT TWO:Linear programming (LP) models are used to address my media in the selection on how to maximize the amount of exposure that will be received from advertisements with the minimum amount of cost as possible. So the two perspectives are to obtain the objective of either maximizing audience exposure or to minimize advertising cost (Render, 289)I have never used this model or situation in real life, so based on what I have read. For example, if an artist wanted to promote their new album. The options to advertise are TV, Magazine and Social Media.TV – reach 10,000 people per ad at a minute cost of 700 with max ads per week of 30Magazine – reach 300,000 people per ad, cost per publication until album release 17,000 with a max ad per month 1Social Media – reach 2 million people (based on the artist’s followers), cost per post 0.00, Max amount it unlimited because it is your social media.STUDENT THREE:It is very clear to see Coraline progress from a naive child who goes around exploring her new home and the surroundings outside while using her imagination in play. Then within a moment to a mature young adult who knows that she has to be brave in order to not only save her parents but also the three other children that she finds stuck in the mirror as well. Coraline’s courage to step up and be brave in order to fight the other mother to save her parents shows her growth in confidence that she did not have prior. When her father wrote “help us” on the mirror she knew that she had to save them and she remembered the time her dad was brave for them when they were being attacked by the wasps. This memory gave her the strength she needed in order to be brave initially but once she went back to the other world and realized that the other mother was not going to just give them back to her that is when she started to gain confidence within herself. She asked her other mother to play a game to get her parents back and then she went looking for the souls of the other three children all in which put her in more danger but because of the confidence she was able to figure out how to get them all out of the other world. In return the more Coraline succeed the more confidence she gained.After Coraline saves her parents from the other mother she realizes that her life is perfect the way that it is. Coraline is now able to see that sometimes having everything perfect is actually not going to make you happier, that the perception made her happier until she actually had it. “(Was there another Coraline? No, she realized, there wasn’t. There was just her (Gaiman 82)).” This was Coraline’s realization that she was the only Coraline, that she was unique and that there was no one else like her. With that she was than able to also see that her real mother and her other mother would never be anything alike. And that even if everyone misspeaks her name that would never change who she actually was. A name is just a name that doesn’t define the person, the person defines the person. Works Cited:Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. Harper, 2012.STUDENT FOUR:Coraline in the beginning is a curios girl who loves to explore. Later, in the story she faces being separated from her parents. Coraline must learn to be brave and wise in order to rescue her parents. Coraline says, “When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.” (Gaiman 59). I think this is an important turning point for Coraline. As she is recalling the day when her and her father were attacked by wasps, she remembers what her father did for her. Her father stayed behind allowing the wasps to sting him, while Coraline was able to run away. Her father said that was not bravery. He was brave because he went back to that dangerous spot to retrieve his glasses. As Coraline is remembering this, she knows she must be brave and go back to rescue her parents. Coraline’s new bravery is shown when she confronts the other mother by saying, “You don’t frighten me,” (Gaiman 61).“Somewhere inside her Coraline could feel a huge sob welling up. And then she stopped it, before it came out. And took a deep breath and let it go.” (Gaiman 81). This line shows Coraline learning to remain clam in stressful situations. She knows what she must do to save her parents. Coraline is wise because she challenges the other mother to a game. If Coraline wins, her parents will be set free and Coraline will stay with the other mother. However, Coraline has a trick up her sleeve. She has confidence she will win. When she does win, not only will her parents be set free but so will the little ghost children, and herself.Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 2002.STUDENT FIVE:The seven sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church include the following: baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, reconciliation, anointing, holy order, and marriages. These seven sacraments can also be grouped together as the sacraments of initiation (includes baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist), sacraments of healing (includes reconciliation and anointing), and sacraments of vocation (includes holy orders and marriage) (Albl, 2009 pg 198). The seven sacraments reflect what the Church is about as a whole because Christians live these sacraments, and their righteous actions can help non-Christians understand what the Church is about. To elaborate. these sacraments are described as ‘masterpieces of God’ and call humans into a relationship. When Christians become these sacraments through their words and actions, and they follow Jesus’ example of love and compassion for their fellow man, these ‘living sacraments’ will help manifest Jesus’ Word and teachings. Additionally, the sacraments are a gift from God that also act as a ‘language’ between God and humans; through a Christian’s example of these sacraments, God is, in a way, communicating his language to those that inhabit the Earth (Albl, 2009, pg. 209-210).STUDENT SIX:The seven sacraments as a whole reflect what the church is about because the church represents the Body of Christ. According to Mueller, church is a fundamental sacrament because “it makes Christ present in the world” (150). Additionally, Jesus is the primordial sacrament because his life, death, and resurrection reveal God’s love for His creation. In Christianity, “the Incarnation is the mystery of the divine-human encounter” (150). The sacraments described and expressed during the rites and the liturgy are important to the development of the relationship between God to humans, humans to God, and human to human within the community (Mueller 152). In addition to individual prayer, the church community must work as one. Mueller says, “all communication and the meaning created therein assumes a common use of signs and symbols” (150). The church as the body of Christ is symbolic of the reference to Jesus when he held the Lord’s Supper and it is a visible symbol of his existence and willingness to sacrifice himself for the atonement of others. So, coming together as one, a goal of Jesus, and representing the love of God, a sacrificial love, is representative of the purpose of the church. The sacraments encourage the use of the signs and symbols to continue to communicate the traditions of the church

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Give feedback/respond to 6 discussion posts. No more than 1Give feedback/respond to 6 discussion posts. No more than 1
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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


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