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I chose the Latin Culture You are required to create a cultuI chose the Latin Culture You are required to create a cultu

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Questions & Answers

I chose the Latin Culture You are required to create a cultural informative speech delivery outline for your second speech.This speech is an assessment of the skills and abilities that you acquired from theUnderstanding Human Communication textbook (chapters 3 and 11—13) and the lectures. Youare required to research cultural values and to explain the cultural values through analysis. Youmust pick a culture or co-culture that is different and distinct from your culture. Use informationobtained in the course textbook and research to analyze three of the following cultural values:  High-Low context Individualism-Collectivism  High-Low Power Distance Masculinity-Femininity  Competitive and Cooperative Talk-Silence Uncertainty AvoidanceAdditionally, you must identify how the cultural values are displayed or practiced within theculture through verbal and nonverbal means. Research is required for this speech and youmust locate at least two different sources from the CCBC Library and a total of four sources tointegrate into your speech. You cannot use Wikipedia, About.com or E-how. If you decide touse sources from the Internet, remember to evaluate your sources. You should consider usingCCBC’s Research Guide: Countries and Cultures. Navigate to the CCBC Library athttp://libraryguides.ccbcmd.edu/countries Format: You must have four sections of your outline (Introduction, Body, Conclusion andBibliography) and each section must have the appropriate heading. This outline must be in fullsentence format.The Introduction and Conclusion must have capital letters next to each of the elements in thesection. Each element must be on a separate line. The main points in the body of the outlinemust have Roman numerals and the supporting details must have uppercase letters. Thesupporting details and sub-supporting details must be Arabic numbers and lowercase letters.You can review the sample outlines in the Learning Module Two – Public Speaking Tools folder.Just remember that you have to adjust your outline to this assignment.Nonverbal behavior: Indicate nonverbal signals throughout your outline.Introduction: You must have the following elements in the introduction. First, attentiongetter/grabber, second: credibility, third: thesis and last: preview. Each element must beseparate and have an uppercase letter next to it. Please see the example below:Example:IntroductionA. Believe it or not, chocolate is good for us to eat! (Look at audience and smile!)B. Not only am I a chocolate lover, I am a professional baker and I specialized in chocolatedesertsC. There are many benefits of eating chocolateD. Today, I’ll explain the health benefits and psychological benefits of eating chocolate.Body: You can only use one organization pattern to organize your main points and yourmain points must be parallel. You must have between two to five main points that aresubdivided. Each main point should have at minimum two supporting points and atmaximum five supporting points. You must consistently separate all points (main,supporting, sub-supporting, etc.) by using the appropriate Roman numerals, Arabic numbers,uppercase letters and lowercase letters. All supporting points and sub-supporting points mustbe indented appropriately.All transitions, internal summaries or reviews and signpost must be in either brackets orparenthesis. (If you use material or information from another source, please do not forget to citeyour source.)Conclusion: You must have the following elements in your conclusion. First, review thepreview, then write the memorable thought and last include thank you. Again, all elements mustbe separate and have an uppercase letter next to it. Please see the example below:Example:ConclusionA. You should now know the health and psychological benefits of eating chocolate.B. A quote from Michael Levine in Brenner’s text The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside theSecret World of Hershey and Mars, “Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfectfood.” (Walk to center of room and smile!)C. Thank youBibliographyBrenner, Joel. The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars.New York, NY: Broadway Books. 2000. Print.Citation: You must use MLA 8 citation style for the bibliography. However, you shouldintegrate your citations within the other sections of your outline. Remember, if you cite a sourcewithin the introduction, body or conclusion it must appear on your bibliography page. If youhave sources on your bibliography page, then they must appear in either the introduction, bodyor conclusion.Next- Powerpoint slideshow from the outline aboveOverviewYou are required to create a slide presentation that accommodates your oral delivery. You should reviewthe section on Using Visual Aids in Chapter 13 in the Understanding Human Communication textbook.You can also review articles and video clips about slide presentations in Learning Module Two. The slidepresentation cannot replace you as the speaker, however, it supports your main points in the speech. Slidepresentations appeal to our visual senses and help us understand and remember material. For example, ifyou were giving a speech on psoriasis, a skin disorder, then it would be help to show pictures of psoriasisand perhaps a brief bullet list of the contributors of psoriasis.Can you tell me what should go on each slide from beginning to end? Yes.First, you should have between 3-5 slides. The first slide is the cover. Think of your cover slide like acover for a book or a magazine. On the cover slide you should put a title that corresponds with yourspeech and your name at minimum. You can also add a picture if you want. The inside slides shouldrepresent your main points. The last slide is either the bibliography or works cited for the slidepresentation or you can type “Thank You”.What can I put on my slides? You can use pictures, pie charts, bar charts, line charts, word charts,bullet lists, diagrams and drawings. Make sure that your charts and/or diagrams are easy to read from adistance.Where can I locate pictures? You can use Pixabay (www.pixabay.com) or Google Images.Can I put more than one picture on a slide? Yes, if it helps support the point that you are discussing.Be careful and try not to overcrowd the slide.Can I add a video or sound? Yes, you can add a video or sound if they support what you are talkingabout. For example, a student once gave a speech on classical music and after she explained each musicalpiece, she played a 30 second sound clip. So, make sure to keep your video clip or sound clip less thanone minute, so that it does not distract from your speech. Or if you are going to use a sound clip forbackground noise, make sure that you are speaking loud enough that you can be heard over thebackground noise. For example, a student gave a speech about a natural disaster and on one slide in thebackground the student had a low siren play.As you create your visual aid, keep your audience in mind. Don’t bore them or waste your time typing alot of text on your slide. Look for graphics or pictures to replace the wording.Do I have to place my works cited or bibliography on the slide? It depends. Did you put a quote fromsomeone on the slide? Did you use someone else’s chart on your slide? Anything that you place on yourslide that belongs to someone else and requires attribution (citation), then you must add a works cited orbibliography. You also have to cite on slide either by using parenthetical citation or a caption.What should I not put on slides?You should not put paragraphs on your slides. You should not put any part of your introduction on theslide or any part of your conclusion on the slide

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I chose the Latin Culture You are required to create a cultuI chose the Latin Culture You are required to create a cultu
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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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