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Assignment Details

Australia (UK English)Assignment extract:General Assessment criteria:
Your essays will be assessed according to how you have:Addressed the question and covered the topic
Argued your case based on the evidence/ideas you cite
Critically analysed and used the relevant literature
Expressed your ideas clearly and succinctly and in logical sequence
Demonstrated your overall understanding of the subject matter of the unit, including theoretical cultural concepts
Presented your work in terms of organization of material, grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation of sources etc
Complied with the UNE Referencing Guide and complied with the UNE Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct policy.Topic 1Discuss some of the ways Western and other foreign cultural elements have been incorporated into the popular cultures of China, Indonesia and Japan. How do these elements interact with Asian cultures? Do Asians accept foreign cultural elements without criticism or opposition?In your answer, you should apply key theoretical concepts introduced in this unit, and include examples from all three countries to illustrate your points.ORTopic 2Discuss the ways cultural actors (activists) and creators in China, Indonesia and/or Japan express social criticisms through their work.You must include examples from at least two of the three  countries (China, Indonesia and Japan), and at least two of the forms of cultural expression studied in this unit (films, literature and popular culture).  Answer preview:In the last few years, culture and globalization have reached high levels of development and growth in the East Asian countries. Global culture and media change such as Disney, Time Warner, and Broadcast Corporation have led to the growth of East Asian production in culture and co-production in the inter-Asian media corporation culture. These changes have stressed the westernization of culture in the region. It is however in the question of these developments has been challenged by cultural activists both in the media platforms and in the general cultural settings of the society (Rozman, 2014). Cultural westernization in the region has further been deepened further by the entry of neo-liberation and the intensification of worldview ethic flow of workforce, tourism, and immigration. Further expansion of digital media technologies has distributed, and led to individualization of the use of media. Advanced capabilities in media cultures for instance films, television and famous music in the region are finding extraordinary acceptance leading to the creation of new influencesWord: 2,200


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All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.


All papers we provide are well-researched, properly formatted and cited.

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